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Winter in Tumbler Ridge

Winter doesn’t keep us indoors – here in Tumbler Ridge BC, we’ve fostered a culture of winter sports and recreation for all ages. Take advantage of the crisp mountain air, sunny skies and pristine landscape to get out and enjoy cross country skiing, BC snowmobile adventures, snowshoeing, BC ice climbing, tobogganing and more.

There’s an air of timeless serenity in our silent, snow-draped forests, majestic frozen Canada waterfalls, crystal lakes and rivers, and mountain views that take your breath away. It’s all exquisitely beautiful to see, and outdoor enthusiasts make the most of it.

Put on your woollies for an invigorating walk, hike or glide through miles of unspoiled wilderness, with the scent of pine in the air and the crunch of snow underfoot. After your exhilarating fresh-air adventure, return to the warmth of a soothing hot tub or cozy fire and a good meal.

While backcountry skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling are among our traditionally popular winter pastimes, how about giving waterfall ice climbing a try?

If you’re lucky, the forests may yield a glimpse of winter wildlife, as elk, moose, deer and caribou, as well as birds from both sides of the Rockies, are often spotted by those out enjoying our winter wonderland. And, as if that weren’t enough, it’s not unusual to be treated to the magical sight of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) dancing across the clear, dark sky. The Cree call this phenomenon the Dance of the Spirits.

Unhurried, uncrowded and unparalleled – Come outside and play, in Tumbler Ridge!


Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society

The Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society is the local outdoors club, promoting non-motorized outdoor recreation of all kinds. The volunteers behind this group have done a great deal to promote outdoor recreation in Tumbler Ridge.

Visit the website for information and advice on trails, hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking and more. Brochures are available for download (.pdf) with detailed maps, directions to trailheads, descriptions of trails, and sights along the way. There are also lots of photos of our beautiful surroundings.

For all outdoor winter activities, it is essential in avalanche terrain to have the knowledge and equipment to travel safely. Be sure to check the snow and avalanche reports before setting out.

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