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Canada Waterfalls

The Wonders of Waterfalls

Every great adventure needs a highlight. Something to discover, something to drive you on – and some of the most dramatic destinations are the BC waterfalls. For great outdoor adventures, Canada is the perfect destination.

Our BC waterfalls make Tumbler Ridge, hands down, the Waterfall Capital of the North. From roadside BC falls to remote cascades, local geography has carved out dozens of these ancient wonders for the avid waterfall lover to explore, some well-known and some yet to be discovered – maybe by you! Many of our well-signed trails, some of the most breathtaking hiking in BC, highlight the falls. The rainbows created by the sun’s rays falling on the mist produce a magical ambience for all who are lucky enough to see them.

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For intrepid waterfall baggers, a visit to Tumbler Ridge will allow you to cross off a number of the greatest in British Columbia.

Some highlights:

Kinuseo Falls

Kinuseo Falls is, quite simply, an icon of Northern British Columbia. This breathtaking, not-to-be-missed sight is taller than Niagara Falls at 60 m (197 ft), and can be found on the Murray River in Monkman Provincial Park, 63 km (39 mi) south of Tumbler Ridge. One look at the majestic beauty of this place is enough to understand why visitors make a beeline for it!

Vehicle access is by the Murray River Forest Service Road to a parking area near the top of the falls, which can be viewed from lookout platforms in the park or from the river. A short, level wheelchair-accessible trail leads from the parking lot to the wide, fenced platform right over the brink of the falls. From here you can feel the raw power of nature as tons of water thunder down into the chasm below.

A second, slightly longer trail (1.5 km) leads to an upper viewpoint then down through beautiful forest to the edge of the Murray River downstream. The view from here, with the falls in perspective, is also impressive.

Kinuseo Falls Campground offers 42 campsites tailored to all campers, including river campers and tenters.

The Cascades

Also located in Monkman Provincial Park, the Cascades are a series of 10 waterfalls on Monkman Creek, all in the space of a few kilometres! Six are named: Upper and Lower Moore, Brooks, Shire, McGinnis, Chambers and Monkman Falls. In 2004, a new trail was built down to the Cascades, as well as a new campsite, improving accessibility to this beautiful area.

“To the accepted pantheon of BC’s major waterfalls – Helmcken, Hunlen, Takkakkaw, Kinuseo and Della – should be added a new star: the Monkman Cascades… there may be nothing comparable anywhere in the world… [a] fantastic sequence of consecutive waterfalls followed by jade-green pools that is repeated eight times… If I die tomorrow, I will die happy, for I have visited the Monkman Cascades… It almost defies human imagination, it surely must be the work of an artistically inclined deity who liked what he had created once and then kept repeating himself! I believe it is unique in the world. All the superlatives in the English language could never begin to convey the glory of this place. We are in the realm of religious experience.”
– Tony Greenfield, Naturalist, Tour Guide and Author of “A Guide to the Waterfalls of British Columbia”

Exploring the Cascades and Kinuseo Falls is a spectacular bonus for Monkman Provincial Park visitors.

Bergeron Falls

At 100 m (328 ft), this is one of the highest known waterfalls in Northern British Columbia, and one of the closest to Tumbler Ridge. Set in a natural amphitheatre, water plunges off Bergeron Mountain and down into the Murray River Valley. You can hike in along a 4.5 km (2.8 mi) trail (one way) that climbs up and down along a series of ridges, finally depositing you at a viewpoint above the falls. For an ever-changing perspective, make your way back and forth along the edge of the bowl in which the falls are set.

For water access, jetboat to Bergeron Creek and then take a short hike to the base of the falls. Moderate/difficult hiking rating.

Quality Falls

Located in a tranquil forest setting close to the Tumbler Ridge townsite, Quality Falls is reached by a short, easy trail through the woods. This 10 m (33 ft) step falls has a lookout at the top and a trail winding down to the bottom, with lovely views all around. The water is warm enough to wade in during summer and, in winter, this is a great place for beginner ice climbers to sharpen their skills.

Tumbler Ridge is becoming an ice-climbing destination, but it is still a hidden gem known only to a few, so you may have the falls all to yourself! Check out the Winter activities section for more information.

To find out more about our waterfalls, contact the Visitor Centre or the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society