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Bylaw Enforcement

As a division of the Protective Services Department, Bylaw Services is primarily responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the citizens and visitors of Tumbler Ridge. We are based out of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Hall (325 Founders Street).

What We Do

Local Governments have authority, under the Community Charter, to make statutory law (known as “bylaws”) regulating a wide, yet limited, variety of matters. In the District of Tumbler Ridge there are a variety of bylaws that are enforced by the Bylaw Services. Common bylaws:

  Bylaw index - Please contact Jeanette McDougall, Deputy Corporate Officer if you are interested in a copy of any of the District's bylaws.


The Bylaw Enforcement Department responds to complaints. It is our mandate is to try and achieve voluntary compliance, however, where this does not happen, the appropriate enforcement action is taken. When there are complaints and disputes between neighbouring residents it is important to remember that resolution is best handled through open communication between the parties involved.

Complaints will not be taken by email. Please contact Bylaw Services for information on how to register a complaint.

Contacting Bylaw Services

Bylaw Enforcement Officer – Jane Butters
Telephone: 250-242-3939
Email: jbutters@dtr.ca