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Dinosaur Footprint Tours
Tumbler Ridge is home to one of the best publicly accessible dinosaur track sites! Cabin Pool is the largest concentration of dinosaur footprints in British Columbia, with almost 200 footprints! Visit the Wolverine site where, on an evening lantern dinosaur tour, tracks that are barely visible by day jump out at you in the guide’s eerie lantern light. Rare skin impressions, which can be thought of as the dinosaur’s fingerprint, are also seen here.

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The TRMF offers guided day and evening tours (call 250-242-3466 to book) to the Cabin Pool and Wolverine tracksites. [link to Dinosaur Tours]

Download the Tumbler Ridge Dinosaur Footprints brochure. (.pdf)
Download the Tumbler Ridge Dinosaur Footprint Tours brochure. (.pdf)

British Columbia’s first ever dinosaur bone bed found near Tumbler Ridge in 2002 led to the province’s initial dinosaur dig, followed by another bone bed find in 2004. The area now boasts 400-plus bones, the largest collection in British Columbia and the oldest bones in Western Canada, from two distinct ages: Cenomanian and Turonian, in rocks from the Upper Cretaceous Period. The footprints fall into three groups:

Detailed information on the palaeontological discoveries that have been made so far, their collection, storage, preparation and description can be found, along with photos, at the PRPRC website

If you discover what you think may be a dinosaur footprint or bone, please do not remove it. Report your find to the PRPRC at 250-242-DINO or email prprc@pris.ca.

Dinosaur Discovery Gallery

The Dinosaur Discovery Gallery (located beside the PRPRC) was opened in 2007 to celebrate and share with visitors the region’s remarkable palaeontological history.

Dinosaur Camp

The only camp of its kind in British Columbia, the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre offer Monday to Friday (daytime) summer Dinosaur Camps for kids from 8 to 13 years.

Just a sample of camp activities:

  • Dinosaur Safari: Learn all about dinosaurs and other fossils
  • Field trips to fossil sites of Cretaceous age and older
  • Identification and preparation of fossils (some take-home material)
  • Lectures and field activities with real palaeontologists
  • Dinosaur excavation exercise
  • Fossil Hunter Roll Call: Introduction to famous palaeontologists and important fossil locations
  • An introduction to rock and mineral identification

2010 Dinosaur Camp Program currently under development.


Books by Charles Helm: Daniel’s Dinosaurs: A True Story of Discovery, 2004
Exploring Tumbler Ridge, 2008


Northern Dino Tour

Visit the land of the dinosaurs on this self-drive tour that takes you on an up-close exploration of the fascinating areas of discovery in the Peace Region of British Columbia: Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd, Hudson’s Hope, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie, Alberta. Visit interpretive displays, trackways, museums, power dams and much more.

Ask at the Visitor Centre for the informative Northern Dino Tour brochure.