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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find fossils?
You can find a wide variety of fossils and related information at the TR Community Centre and the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery. Fossils can be found in many remote locations, however if you find a fossil, please leave it where it is, record your location, take a photograph, and contact the Peace Region Palaeontological Research Centre at 250.242.3466. They can help assess your find and ensure that it is treated with the utmost respect.

2. What’s the road like to Kinuseo Falls and how long does it take to drive it?
The falls are located 63 km south of Tumbler Ridge along the Murray River Forest Service Road. The trip includes just over 40 km of gravel road. Expect the trip to take 1 to 1 ½ hours (one way).The condition of the road depends on weather conditions and maintenance. Industry-users maintain the road and therefore some years the maintenance is more consistent than in other years. The Visitor Centre 250.242.3123 has the most recent road conditions.

3. How far is the hike to Kinuseo Falls?
The falls are a short 200 m walk from the parking lot and is wheelchair accessible. A second trail leads to an upper viewpoint, then continues on to the level of the river. 

4. When do the riverboat tours run?
Tours usually start in late May or early June once debris has cleared from the Murray River. They run until the end of August of early September depending on water levels and weather. Information about tour operators, hours of operation, and availability can be obtained at the Visitor Centre 250.242.3123

5. Are the mines still running?
The two mines that originally started the whole Northeast Coal Project, Quintette and Bullmoose, are no longer operating. Two new mining companies, Peace River Coal (Trend Mine) and Walter Energy (Wolverine Mine) operate down the Core Lodge Road and Wolverine Forest Service Road, respectively. The Quintette Mine still has most of its infrastructure in place and their plant site can be seen on the Murray River Forest Service Road.

6. Can I take a mine tour?
Not at this time, however both the Trend and Wolverine Mine operations can be observed from some of the hiking destinations in the area (please contact the Visitor Centre for recommended routes). Visitors must be careful not to trespass onto the mining properties.