Adventure Stories

Check out some of our stories from people who have enjoyed the breathtaking views and adventures that Tumbler Ridge has to offer!!

Perhaps you can get an idea of new and exciting things to do on your next trip, whether it is a family trip, an exciting adventure or just a day visit!!

Family Memories

“Maybe it was an ankylosaurus,” jokes the guide". Step back in time and read this brief story about a guided lantern tour to a real dinosaur track way!

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Epic Powersport Getaway

"It comes as a shock to the system. Rounding the last corner in the jet boat..."

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Reconnect With Nature

Do you hear that? Nope... "No cars, no trains, no sounds of people rushing about in their day to day life.” It's the sound of Nature!

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Day Tripping

"While there are places you can go for days and even weeks around here without seeing another soul, most of the trails have been built with the day-tripper in mind." Follow the link to find out about this gentleman's day trip experience.

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