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During a visit to Tumbler Ridge in 2002, former Mayor of Whistler, Ted Nebbeling, was amazed to see the striking similarities between Tumbler Ridge and the resort community he helped develop.

“Thank you for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.”

– E. E. Cummings

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Welcome to the destination that’s still refreshingly more natural than other parts of the world – not only our magnificent landscapes, but also the friendly, down-to-earth people who live here in one of British Columbia’s most beautiful and untamed regions. 

Set in the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains near the confluence of the Murray and Wolverine Rivers in northeastern BC, Tumbler Ridge is 115 km (71 mi) southwest of Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek and 1186 km (745 mi) north of Vancouver, with an elevation of 830 m (2,739 ft) and a population of close to 3,000 people.

Canada Waterfalls | Tumbler RidgeA year-round, accessible playground for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers of all ages, Tumbler Ridge is also a haven for those seeking tranquility, rest and rejuvenation in a soul-restoring setting. Dubbed "the Shangri-La of the Rockies", each day is an opportunity to do things you’ve never done before in places that are unforgettably beautiful – alpine meadows ablaze with wildflowers, towering glaciated peaks, forested valleys, clear alpine lakes and thundering waterfalls. In fact, there are so many stunning cascades in Tumbler Ridge it is rightly acknowledged as the Waterfall Capital of the North. Don’t miss Kinuseo Falls in Monkman Provincial Park, taller than Niagara Falls and sure to be a highlight of your visit.

Whether you want to leap out of your comfort zone or simply unwind, Tumbler Ridge promises to keep life interesting, with endless opportunities for your favourite outdoor activities, from a leisurely game of golf to heart-pounding thrills canyoning down glass-smooth cliffs. Get close to nature by hiking BC style with your pick of our 37 signed hiking trails for everyone from novices to seasoned peak-baggers, who scramble to craggy mountaintops for breathtaking panoramic views.

This master-planned community is the youngest in Canada, built from scratch in the 1980s to service the flourishing coal industry. Here we have comfortable modern living in a glorious wilderness setting.

Exciting, family-friendly annual events, such as the Grizfest Music Festival and the Emperor’s Challenge – the most beautiful and challenging half-marathon anywhere – attract international visitors who appreciate the pleasures to be had in an unspoiled natural environment.

Dinosaur Tour | Tumbler RidgeWalk where the dinosaurs walked on a guided dinosaur tour in Canada’s new Dinosaur Country, where astounding discoveries are made each year including fossils, footprints, bones and the longest accessible trackway in British Columbia.

This official Tumbler Ridge tourism website has been designed to introduce you to British Columbia’s “unturned stone of adventure” – how to get here, where to stay and what to do. No matter when you visit, the warm welcome of Tumbler Ridgers and their desire to share this amazing place with you will, like the spectacular surroundings, leave you with treasured lasting impressions.

Visitor Centre

If you are looking for places to go and things to do in Tumbler Ridge, the Visitor Centre (270 Southgate; phone 250.242.3123) should be your first stop. The visitor center is open 7 days a week from 10am-3pm. During the off-season, visitor information is available at the Community Centre, or by email

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