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 Special Meetings of Council held in Council Chambers at 305 Iles Way:

March 1, 2015 @ 6:00 p.m.

March 2, 2015 @ 6:00 p.m.

March 5, 2015 @ 6:00 p.m.



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 2013 Annual Report

2013 SOFI 



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Tumbler Ridge Community Forest Board of Directors Vacancy:
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The District of Tumbler Ridge’s snow clearing priorities are listed below. There are numerous factors that determine the level of clearing that will be done including weather conditions, time of day, day of week, accumulations, future forecasts and available manpower and equipment. 

  •  Main arterial roads are cleared initially with plow truck and followed up by a grader, the grader is the only piece of equipment in our fleet that has a gate to minimize amount of snow left in driveways. The sidewalk machine will make an initial pass as well.
  • The collector streets are then cleared in the same manner, these are the streets that lead to residential streets.
  • Major parking lots are cleared utilizing the loader.
  • Residential streets are done with initial passes with the plow truck and sidewalk machine.

Once we have done the initial passes to open up the roads we will then concentrate on the residential areas and as anyone can appreciate it takes a bit of time to complete the community with the manpower and equipment that we have.

Operationally the amounts of snow fall during a specific time period will dictate the priorities and how quick we can move into the residential areas.

 For significant snow events there will be snow berms left in driveways, the District will take all available steps to minimize the amount of snow but it is not part of the operational guideline to clear snow away from driveways during the initial clearing. 

When the District has an opportunity depending on various factors, the Public Works crews will start removing snow from the downtown core, arterials and collectors to our snow dumps, the snow collected on the sides of residential streets will be plowed and blown onto the right of ways (ROW) to clear residential streets, this is a much slower process and normally residents are given notice by signs at the entrance to the streets 24 hours in advance.

If anyone has questions of the operations or priorities they can call Town Hall at 250-242-4242 and the call will be directed appropriately.

Doug Beale, Operations Manager


 District of Tumbler Ridge News Release

Mine shutdowns mean team effort to help laid off workers




Tumbler Ridge Public Library Needs You!

The Tumbler Ridge Public Library Board meets once a month and currently has openings for Trustees.

If being on the Library Board is something that interests you or for more information on becoming a Trustee, please call Paula Coutts at 250.242.4778 or email pcoutts@trlibrary.org. Please download the application and drop it off at the Library.

Tumbler Ridge Public Library Association Board Member Application


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Visit Tumbler Ridge

New Visitor GuideRecreation Map is now available for download. Printed copies are available at the Visitor Centre, Town Hall and the Community Centre.

Wildlife Encounters?

For information on how to prevent dangerous wildlife encounters and what to do if you encounter wild animals, please visit the Ministry of Environment website. Note the Species Pages section on the left hand side.






Are you over the age of 19 and in good health?

Applications for volunteer firefighters are now being accepted.  Contact the Fire Chief at 250-242-3939 for more details.